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1. Lesbian Experience

The lingering scent of her perfume, the taste of her melon lip-gloss and the way her hair feels gliding across your skin. Multiply that all by two or three and you have an idea of what the Lesbian Experience is all about. Every video brings you a new group of skanks who are looking to go tongue-deep in their favorite girlfriends, while you sit back and enjoy the view. The juices continue to flow from each girl's tight cunt from the time they first caress each other until the time when you pick another scene to watch!

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2. Pussy Lickin Lesbos

Lesbians always seem like they are constantly turned on - so it's no wonder that plenty of them turn to porn so that they can get off properly. This collection of Pussy Lickin Lesbos has both pornstar and amateur lesbians to enjoy, and contrary to the site name they also go for fingering, sex toys, and even a bit of strap on fucking to keep themselves properly satisfied.

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3. Lesbian Sex City

Urban sluts are a lot more intense than suburban housewives. Living in the city makes them more focused on what they want and how they can get it. Chicks living in a major city are quick to find each other, make fast friends of one another and are often found nailing their neighbors in well-known lesbian apartment buildings within only a few days of first moving into them. As the old saying goes, if you are a lesbian living in Lesbian Sex City and you can't get laid, chances are you really just don't like pussy as much as you thought you did!

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4. Seduced By A Real Lesbian

Many women dabble with lesbian sex and the idea of fooling around with one of their girl friends. Some women even have 'porn sex' with other sexy ladies to earn a paycheck, but you can always tell the difference between a part time lesbian and a girl who has been Seduced By A Real Lesbian! This focuses on the fine art of girl sex with sweethearts licking and loving each other from their toes to their tits and beyond. When real lesbians make love there is a passion and energy unlike anything men ever experience and is the best way for you to see what you have always been missing in the bedroom!

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Teens Real Hot

5. Real Teens Kissing

Somewhere between the softcore bikini babe websites full of beer commercial models and the hardcore eyes-on-her-thighs hardcore extreme sites there is plenty of room for a website like Real Teens Kissing. It's the perfect mix of sweet innocent starlets and romantic warm wet kisses that will have you titillated from the first time they start to caress each other to the moment they finally make a move toward second base!

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Trick Hot Lesbians

6. Lesbo Trick

Gorgeous female hoes aren't always aware of their bisexual tendencies. Sometimes they need some help to reveal their lesbian side. Lesbo Trick is a reality-porn web site that helps sexy bitches in realizing that they have an inner inclination to lick their lover's pussy or cuddle up with a hot girlfriend for a long night of wet kisses and a warm hug. Once you have seen some of the videos you'll agree, when it comes to lesbian porn, it's not about how these hot chicks ended up in bed together, it's about what happens after they find each other for the first time!

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Hot Blush Pink

7. Lesbian Blush

You might not see much actual blushing going on at Lesbian Blush - there's no way that these fun loving lesbians are in any way shy. At least they aren't once the camera starts rolling - they bare it all, from the way they love to tongue a sweet pussy to getting their freak on with a whopping big sex toy. This lesbian porn collection puts both amateurs and pornstars in the pussy licking driver's seat.

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8. Chocolate Sistas

Soulful Chocolate Sistas in slippery wet lesbian sex scenes that will make your mouth water and your heart skip a beat! These ebony Babes are bringing sexy back with big beautiful booties and fancy full-fisted sex toys! It's the best known black pornstars fucking each other with both hands and a box full of dildos until the orgasms keep on cumming and both black beauties are soaking wet in a puddle of climactic pussy juices!

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Hot Pussy Lesbians

9. Latina Girl Girl

Wild open-minded bisexual Latinas know how to keep each other company when there are no men around. Latina Girl Girl gives you private access to some of the hottest parties with spicy chicas from Spain, Puerto Rican Boricuas, Dominicanas, and suntanned amateur starlets from all over South America teaching each other about the international language of lesbian love! When their tongues get tangled and their soaking wet panochas are creaming with orgasmic juices you'll know you're on the best Latina lesbian sex site. Go ahead and download all the xxx videos, they're filmed in HD for your exclusive enjoyment!

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Love Pink Lesbians

10. XXX Lesbian Love

When sexy girls get dumped by their boyfriends they don't stay single for long. Some get picked up quick by a new stud but others go down a different path. XXX Lesbian Love is all about the beautiful Babes who are taking some time to lick other ladies and to explore the lipstick lesbian aspect of their sexuality. As the saying goes, it takes a lot of licks to get to the center of the lesbian universe!

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